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Expert professional litigation support services for all medicolegal issues in your case. Medical malpractice claims in all fields of medicine obstetrics, and nursing care.
Serious personal injuries (traumatic brain injury; spinalcord trauma; thermal, chemical and electrical burns).
Injury and death claims against civilian and military hospitals, clinics, health care facilities, HMOs and nursing homes.
Birth injury, fetal distress, cerebral palsy, infant brain injury and mental retardation.
Medical device and other medical product liability claims (pacemakers, endoscopic instruments, implants).
Drug toxicity, adverse medication interactions, and dosage errors.
Life Care Plan development and implementation, including rehabilitation, vocational issues, and future medical care expenses.
Birth defects from exposure to toxic drugs or chemicals.
Disputed issues of medicolegal causation, prognosis, life expectancy, and diminished employment capacity.